About Covid-19

Dear guests, partners and friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well.

We would like to let you know that Antouanetta Apartments – in accordance with the Greek government’s protocols – has taken all the necessary preventive measures for COVID-19, prioritising the safety of our guests, our staff and our local community.

Following the protocols, we have removed decorative items, stationery, magazines and other shared items from the rooms and communal spaces.

Concerning the Check-in and Check-out:

A) In order to observe social distancing and avoid overcrowding at the reception, the check-in will be done online, so that, upon arrival, you only have to take your key. Due to that, you are kindly requested to email us a photo of your ID (both sides) or your passport before your arrival. In order to protect public health, the hotel administration has to keep record of the personal details of stuff members and of every person who has stayed in the hotel – name, nationality, arrival and departure date and contact details (address, phone number, email) – to render communication with close contacts possible if a COVID-19 case is detected. We assure you that the General Data Progression Regulation (GDPR) will be adhered to and that the record is only kept for the protection of public health.

B) Expansion of the check-out and check-in period between stays:

Check-out until 11.00 am and Check-in from 15.00 pm

This modification is compulsory, to ensure that, between different guests, the room is cleaned and sanitised meticulously, followed by the room being sufficiently aired.

C) Upon arrival, it is advisable that we check your temperature with a non-contact forehead thermometer.

Concerning visitors

According to the Greek government protocol, individuals not staying in the hotel are not allowed to enter.

Concerning the cleaning services:

A) A cleaning and sanitisation programme is observed, according to bulletin no. Δ1γ/Γ.Π/οικ 19954/20.03.2020 of the Ministry of Health “Measures for cleaning and sanitisations of spaces and surfaces during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic’ (ΑΔΑ: 6ΚΨ6465ΦΥΟ-1ΝΔ) as it applies.

B) Cleaning and airing of the rooms during the hours between stays. More specifically, for everyone’s safety, cleaning will be done with specialised products in the rooms and common areas. Steam will be used where needed.

C) Bedding and towels will only be handled and cleaned inside the hotel.

D) The tv and air-condition controls will be covered by a single-use transparent membrane that will be changed for every new guest.

E) The keys will be sanitised prior to your arrival. When departing, you are kindly requested to leave them at the place we will indicate (reception), so that they can be sanitised for the next guest.

F) To achieve maximum protection for our guests and staff, the protocol advises suspending everyday change of bedding and towels and avoiding everyday cleaning (for those already staying), unless requested by the guest.

About the breakfast

The protocol suggests the following rules, by which we abide:

  • Hand sanitizer must be provided at the entrance and the staff will ensure that it is used by the guests.
  • Observation ofsocial distancing while guests are served from the buffet.
  • Serving will only be done by the staff, who must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and observe the necessary measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The purpose of the measure is to avoid guests’ contact with the buffet food and utensils.
  • Products will be placed in individual tableware when being served by the staff is not possible.
  • Common utensils, dispensers and automatic serving machines (for juice, water, cereal, etc.) will only be handled by staff members, who will use PPE and observe the necessary measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
  • In case the guest prefers room service, this can be done with no extra charge.
  • You are kindly reminded that it is important to observe social distancing at all times.

We clean, we care, we welcome…

Thank you very much for understanding and abiding by these regulations. We assure you that we are going to do our best for you to have wonderful holidays.

We might wear face coverings for everyone’s safety, but you can be sure of our smile!

We look forward to seeing you again!

Best wishes,

Maria-Antouanetta Alverti

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