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Located in the center of Hermoupolis in a traditional 1860 building
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A Little About Us

Thank you for continuing its story with us.

Once upon a time, in the historic center of Hermoupolis in 1860, a large house with lots of windows, plenty of doors and a garden with three sour orange trees was built. The pedestrian Omirou Street was filled with life and happy children’s voices.

Years passed slowly, as the owners and tenants succeeded one another with their happiness and their sorrows, writing the story of the house. And the time continued to pass chasing the years, the months, the weeks, the hours, the minutes. The house became desolate. No one lived in it anymore. Worn and silent, it conjured up the old days.

It was the moment when Antouanetta decided to find a house in Hermoupolis.

She saw lots of houses that were on sale those days, but none of them was suitable. The third year she noticed it. That was it. No one ever understood whether Antouanetta chose the house or the house chose her. In 1998 she began to deal with its renovation. It was not easy at all. Sometimes she was in despair and thought she wouldn’t make it but she kept on. She never gave up the attempt.

Then came the spring of 2009 and the house stood there at the same spot as in 1860, but happy and ready to continue its story. Antouanetta gave it her name.

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